Thank You for Your Feedback on Tau Ceti – This is How We Want to Use it

When we launched Tau Ceti two and a half months ago we were excited to bring you a star system unlike everything before – Tau Ceti's future would be determined by you. A new frontier for all of us, where your votes would decide how a story of epic proportions unfolds.
However, after releasing the first two episodes we are still merely beginning to scratch the surface of Tau Ceti's mysterious past. Many of you contacted us, pointing out smaller and larger flaws with the system, and we are very grateful for that. In general, there is the mutual feeling that something is missing from Tau Ceti right now. We are still very fond of its core idea of a living storyline, but we also feel that so far Tau Ceti has not lived up to neither your nor our own expectations.
This is why we want to go a different route with Tau Ceti episode 3. We want to take the time needed to analyze all of the feedback you provided us with and adjust our vision of Tau Ceti accordingly. We want to do this informed and open-minded and, if deemed necessary, Tau Ceti might see great changes to its appearance.
Natassia Ivanova
Tau Ceti - Olex Humblotz
Dr Tobias Planck
For your continued and valuable feedback on Tau Ceti we would like to say

Thank you, pilots! Stay tuned for more.

— Your Pirate Galaxy Team